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 March 11, 2019


We purchased a jar of each type of Mamma Letizia’s sauce at the recent Italian Festival in Scottsdale. We loved it! My wife, Ann Marie, and I are both from Italian families back East (Connecticut). We were both blessed with parents who made wonderful pasta sauce. Yours is every bit as delicious!

Thank you again!

Best Regards,



Jun 3, 2019 

Thank you for your order. Did you receive it?

Buon appetito! 

Letitia Lavant

From: Nancy
Subject: Re: Mamma Letizia's
To: letitia lavant <>

I did! I had given my last jar (purchased at the Roadrunner market) away as a gift for my sister's birthday and was happy to re-stock my pantry. Your sauce is the best I've ever tasted. My son, a culinary school graduate, declares it better than anything he can make.

I also very much appreciated the card with the quote from Zephaniah. 

That made my day!




 Jun 4, 2019

Thank you Brenda for your order. We appreciate you. It will ship tomorrow. 

Please feel free to mention us on face book, instagram ... Also write a review for us on google.

For mouth watering recipes go to our website @

 Buon Appetito!

Letitia LaVant, Mamma Letizia's, LLC

From: Brenda

 Jun 5, 2019
Subject: Re: Mamma Letizia's
To: letitia lavant <

I cannot wait for the arrival!  I moved from AZ to Nevada.  I would love to market your product out here. Let me know if I can help. I have a great recipe for sauce (gravy) but since I sampled yours at AJ’s I cannot live without it. I’m so happy that you ship. 

I will spread the word. Do you have a Facebook page?



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