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Mamma Letizia's Pan Seared Salmon


  • 4 6oz Salmon filets
  • 2 Tbsp Extra virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp each Salt & Pepper
  • 1/2 tsp Lemon Zest
  • 1 Jar Mamma Letizia's Italian Gravy, either variety...Garlicky Pizziaole or Spicy Maranara
  • Fresh Herbs for garnish


  • Coat salmon with Salt, Pepper and Lemon Zest
  • Heat oil and sear Salmon skin side down for 2 -3 minutes
  • Turn over and cook 5 - 10 minutes depending on desired wellness
  • Heat Mamma Letizia's Gravy and spoon over Salmon
  • Garnish with Fresh Herbs and serve!

Buon Appetito!



Mamma Letizia's Spaghetti Squash with Italian Saugage

  • Preheat the oven to 450 
  • Prepare squash by cutting in half and scooping out the middle then cover in olive oil salt and pepper skin down in a baking pan, bake for 30-40 minutes 
  • Cook hot Italian sausage separate, keep hot to the side
  • When squash is fully cooked, take a fork and go through the squash till it becomes spaghetti like.
  • Scoop it onto a plate or keep in shell
  • Top with Mamma Letizia's Italian Gravy and Italian Sausage to your liking.
  • Sprinkle with parmesan or mozzarella cheese as an option and enjoy!

Buon Appetito!


Mamma Letizia's Pasta Fagioli

  • Ingredients:

  • 15 oz. Pinto Beans (canned or soaked and cooked)
  • 1 Jar Mamma Letizia's Pizzaiole Gravy
  • 1 tsp Fennel (seed or ground)


  • Heat Gravy thoroughly and serve over cooked Ditalini pasta
  • Top with fresh grated parmesan or romano cheese

 Simple and  Delicioso!

Optional: For a soupier consistancy a small can of whole tomatoes may be blended in with Mamma Letizia's gravy!


More recipies coming...!

Mamma Letizia's Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan



  • 3 Chicken breasts sliced horizontally into thin slices

  • Smear slices with Mayonaise


  • Dredge slices in mixture of grated fresh Parmesan cheese 

  • pour 1 cup or more of Mamma Letizia's  Gravy into bottom of 9 x 13 baking pan

  • Arange slices of chicken in pan 

  • Top each one with slice of Fresh Mozzarella 

  • Drizzle each one with extra Mamma Letizia's Gravy, sprinkle extra Parmesan

  • Bake at 350 degrees for 45 - 55 minutes.  Cheese should brown slightly

  • Serve with your favorite Gluten Free Pasta and extra Mamma Letizia's Gravy.  Either the Garlick Pizziaole or if you like the extra 'kick' try Mamma Letizia's Spicy Maranara!

              Buon Appetito!